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"Learn How to Fix Your Own Dentures Using
the Same Supplies & Materials Used by
Dentists & Dental Labs Across The Country"

And you can try it RISK-FREE for 30 days…

Dear Denture Wearer,

Dentists already know that most people who wear dentures already know how to fix and repair them? But, the problem is, dentists don't make the supplies and materials that are needed to repair dentures available to denture wearers.

And, if you use the wrong materials or adhesives, you can damage your dentures... which typically means you'll have to buy a new set or go without.

Well, guess what?

Our Dental Lab Is Going To Show You How To Fix & Repair Your
Own Dentures & We're Going to Make The Supplies Available To You!

How can this be?

Simple. Most dentists don't fix dentures. They simply send your dentures off to a dental laboratory or they simply give it to the dental lab tech on staff and have them fix it.

The repairs are so simple to make we can show you how to repair them in just 15 minutes or less…

"I am not a dental person, but I was able to repair the broken tooth in my dentures with the repair kit I received from you all. In fact, I've always been able to fix my own dentures, but just didn't have the right materials - my local dentist refused to give me any supplies or point me in the right direction, but gladly charged me $127 to repair it himself (or did he?). What a rip-off..."

- Mable Alexander, Atlanta, Georgia

It Is A Certainty, Your Dentures Will
Do Several … If Not Many… Of These Things!

We have found that denture wearers seem to break their dentures at the most inconvenient times, like while traveling abroad, while on vacation with loved ones, or while traveling on a business trip.

More often than not, they are unable to get to their dentists' office either because it has occurred over a weekend or while they were away from home…

Our denture repair kit was designed with you in mind!

Get Access To The Same Acrylics, Adhesives &
Professional Replacement Teeth Used
By Dentists & Dental Labs!

We have the only denture repair kit available to the public with professional denture replacement teeth.

This unique repair kit not only allows you to repair your own dentures in an emergency but it also produces a strong, smooth bond in the repair, leaving the denture as strong as it was originally, and with no impediment to your tongue or to your speech.

Much Of The Damage Done To Dentures
Involves The Loss Of Teeth

Our denture repair kit contains twelve professional denture teeth (six upper and six lower), allowing you to quickly and easily repair a broken denture or replace a missing tooth.

Our kit can save you over $500.00 in denture repair fees!

How You'll Benefit by Repairing Your Own Dentures:

  • No More Waiting - When your denture needs repairing, you can immediately fix it yourself without waiting days to see the dentist. After all, dentures tend to break at the most inconvenient time.

  • Save Hundreds - Each denture repair kit comes with enough materials and supplies that will allow you to make up to 12 repairs.

  • Same Supplies & Materials - We are members of the National Association of Dental Laboratories ( You'll be receiving the same materials dental labs use to make & repair dentures. You'll be receiving professional denture teeth, acrylics & monomer (adhesives) to repair your dentures.

  • Convenience - If your dentures crack or break, or if you lose a tooth, you'll be able to make the repairs yourself, often in less than 5-10 minutes.

Let Me Summarize EVERYTHING You Get With Each Kit:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions - Chances are, you already know how to fix them, but just in case, we've included some easy-to-following instructions to help you along in the event you get a nasty break or crack in the denture.

  • Eye Dropper - You'll need this in order to get access to the monomer (adhesive)

  • Professional Denture Acrylic Resins - This is the same material used to make your dentures and you'll need this along with the adhesive to repair your denture.

  • Bonding Adhesives / Monomer - You'll use this in combination with the acrylic resins to make the repairs and hold the repairs in place.

  • 6 Upper Professional Replacement Teeth - The 6 front teeth are the most common teeth to pop out. Each kit comes with 6 upper replacements.

  • 6 Lower Professional Replacement Teeth - The 6 front teeth are the most common teeth to pop out. Each kit comes with 6 lower replacements.

At-Home Denture Repair Kits                       At-Home Denture Repair Kits

We have invested, literally, thousands of dollars and time trying to make this system as easy as possible for you to use and understand.

You'll receive the denture repair kit right away and you'll have plenty of time to use it and see the type of quality materials and supplies you'll be getting. Then, if you're not 100% satisfied, just return it to us and we'll refund your money with no questions asked.

Try Risk-Free for 30 Days!

Just $19.95 + $5.99 Shipping


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The information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician or dentist should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions. Call 911 for all medical emergencies.